Integrating Vaadin 7 portlets with Liferay

Hello guys,

I’m new Vaadin user and I’m trying to set up enviroment for Liferay + Vaadin development. I managed to set up Vaadin 7 in Eclipse but Liferay use Vaadin 6 by default so I would like to develop using current Vaadin version. I followed instructions for migrating to Vaadin 7 on links:

After taking needed actions suggested in Wiki and Book, I tried to create new portlet but got error in portlet.xml on line:

ERROR: Portlet cannot find class which is in vaadin.jar that I have deleted following instructions on those links.

Can anyone help me, I’m trying to solve this problem for couple of hours?? Thanks!

Hey did you get solution? I am having same problem.



you need to replace the reference to ApplicationPortlet2 with VaadinPortlet, as indicated in the following snippet:

Here is the display name


com.example.MyPortletUI is the name of the class that extends UI.

Now, if you got your portal dependency jars right, it should work.

PS: There is an
add-on in the Liferay marketplace by Dave Nebinger
to manage Vaadin 7 in Liferay 6.2+.