Integrating jQuery File Upload with Vaadin


I’m using Vaadin with
Google App Engine
, and I have problems with upload (like every user of GAE): Vaadin standard components to upload large data does not show progress bars with GAE, which is unacceptable for users.

Then, after some searching, I found this jQuery plugin:
jQuery File Upload
. Its
is actually running from Google App Engine (but with Python): it is amazing, just what I needed.

I installed the plug-in, created the servlets, everything worked fine (starting the plug-in from an iframe from a CustomLayout).

But now I have another problem: how to fully integrate this plug-in with Vaadin? I want to receive events like “upload completed” or “upload canceled” and control the component from server, stopping and resuming uploads for example.

The only thing I have is a bunch of Javascript files and the
API documentation
. From where I can start trying to integrate it with Vaadin? I have no idea :wacko:

The main problem is how to notify the server from pure Javascript.

Can you point me some directions?

Thank you.

to track this problem.

Hi again,

Just to mention: maybe the project
will be the solution for this kind of things (integrating native Javascript into GWT and Vaadin). It already has many great features, the community should know about it.



Its three years old thread. Its surprising there is no solution for GAE fileuplaod yet.

I am just wondering is there any solution to just to update image after upload. Seams UI getting locked for ever.