Integrated frameworks

Hi All,

In the book ’ Learning Vaadin’ by Nicholas Frankel

  1. JPA is documented as Level 1 support
  2. Spring Level 2 Support.
  3. Ibatis is at Level 3 Support.

Is integrating with Ibatis easy?. Are there any known problems one should be aware integrating with Ibatis. Is there enough documentation?.

What about integration with EJB?.


I haven’t used iBatis myself, but being familiar with JPA, JDO and Neo4J Vaadin applications, I’d say that the same things apply here:

  • make sure you detach all objects after you fetch them (this is a problem in e.g. JPA)
  • use optimistic locking and handle concurrency exceptions properly
  • for most cases, a session-per-request pattern is preferable
  • If detached, it is completely safe to use your POJOs in Vaadin code, e.g. in BeanItemContainers

Please report back how you did, It would be nice to hear something about how the integration went :slight_smile: