Instantiations Java Products Now Available from Google

Today, I received this message from Google:

GWT Designer
support :

GWT (itself)
Smart GWT


Are there plans to add Vaadins support in GWT Designer ? will be very helpful.

Thank you.

GWT Designer looks very much like what we can do with the WYSIWYG editor found in the Vaadin-Eclipse plugin. You can see an introduction video to it on

But GWT Designer is still all new to me so I’m gonna check it out more closely before I comment on anything deeper.

Thank you Jens.
Instantiations was acquired by Google. Their tools are very good ones. It will be a chance and a recognition if Google will integrate Vaadin.


That would be great indeed (if Vaadin was supported by GWT’s graphical tools). We could then focus our somewhat limited resources to the core Vaadin development. Now we are already “wasting” quite a lot of our time on different kind of development tools (IDE integrations, WYSIWYG, TestingBench, Spring Roo pluging, etc.).


I think that it could be quite unlikely that GWT Designer could be easily adopted to support Vaadin as the programming models are different. Anyone who knows internals of GWT Designer around?

Note that these former Instantiations products are now free as in “no cost”, not open source, and I have not seen indications from Google about opening the source code of these products anytime soon.

As long as that is the case, this request should go to Google, as we cannot do anything about it.

Google contributes $5 million worth of software to the Eclipse Foundation to sprout two new projects based on technology from Google’s Instantiations acquisition.

Eclipse is now hosting Windowbuilder code there?

So, now that the code is available through eclipse, will Vaadin work on integration into GWT Designer?