Installation problems

Hi all. I’m newbie about Vaadin and i’m trying to make a clear installation with Eclipse, but the composer don’t run (and i don’t know if there are other problems).
I’ve installed last 4.5 Mars Eclipse edition, with Tomcat 8.0, gwt 2.6.1 and gwt plugin (and windowbuilder pro).
S.O. : win 7 64bit.

First tentative: i’ve installed only the Vaadin Plugin, all ok but the Composer didn’t run (white screen and no other), and i had a warning in the ivysettings.xml for the line <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> that is standard so… well i didn’t know how to do. All the options from ivy are useless.

Second tentative: i’ve decided to install latest trunk version of ivy. The installation asked me to remove the Vaadin Plugin and, obviusly, it give me a conflict when i’ve tried to reinstall Vaadin after ivy.

What i have to do?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Noone can help me?

I think i can help …
You have to know tuat ivy is a dependcies management tools .
You use it to manage and resolve them without any configration . So you must have
An internet connection to let ivy easly download your requierd jars files for your project and
Run the sample project oncevl . Wait until download is complete and cheq the browser .