install and first used =disapointed


it look a great tool but i sart to install java 7 + eclipse kepler 64 on w7 → xulrunner failed (for 3 years …)
second i install jdk 7 32 + eclipse juno 32 on W7 , visual editor open but not possible to select any component.

third i install jdk 6 + eclipse juno 32 on w XP sp 2 → still the same problem not possible to select any component in the visual editor.

i spent 6 hours … for nothing grrrrrrr

what i missed ?



This won’t help with your immediate problem (Visual Designer), but I tried it out myself and ran into similar problems. I was forunate enough to be able to attend a Vaadin training session (highly recommended!), and we briefly discussed the Visual Editor, but went right to work designing forms without it.

To be honest, after spending a couple of hours building forms without the Visual Editor, I found myself being able to quickly create forms without using it. The trick is to become familiar with how layouts and spacing works.

Sorry for the non-answer, but hopefully this advice helps a little.


I agree with Matt. The visual editor is pretty useless and you don’t need it to develop a quality UI. I wish Vaadin would ditch that thing all together and spend their time else where.


We’ve never used the visual editor (it was too weak back when we tried a couple of years ago).

On a related note, we make use of a nice WYSIWYG HTML editor that has the same issues. For simple stuff, it’s wonderful, but we find that nearly ever “programmer” type switches to SOURCE HTML mode as they find it’s so much easier to move about, copy/paste, search/find/replace, etc. using HTML syntax than trying to manipulate the various dialog boxes that lack all of that flexibility.

I don’t know if it should be abandoned, or how much time Vaadin spends working on it, but I suspect most programmers would never make use of it, only novices who’d either tire of it and quit, or would eventually switch to straightforward coding.

Having just done the same type of install, I can say that the ‘designer’ is at best a simple placement tool for laying out a screen of items. It has none of the features that you expect to find in a designer tool and so have no real value.

The problem is that it can take many hours of working around the install problems before you find this out. It does not look good if someone else is looking at another option - in the same time they can end up with working examples …

thank you for all your feedback.

i am a backend developper and gui is always difficult to me to make a beautifull look and feel. So as i am not an expert on gui framework i look for a good gui editor to place and manage the navigation.

i have looked for gui editors for .Net, mono (Glade, monodevelop), html 5. All are easy to use but visuals components offered are poor (winform) and demand a lot of developpement to customize. However, Vaadin is the first framework that respond to all my needs for my app (on paper) but the lack of sample and editors , demand the same effort (and time) as others.
it could be a plus to gain more new comers because Vaadin had all to be a killer framework (vs html5/Jquery …)
i ll spend more time on Vaadin …


One more thing - from time to time I’ll use the online component demo to work out a few control/layout properties:

You can modify component properties and see how it affects the look/behavior of the various Vaadin components. It’s a nice sandbox for trying things out before you write the code.