input prompt leaks into field value

I’m having this weird problem with TextField and TextArea components where input prompt text is changed into value. Problem is 100% repeatable under latest Chromium.

Here is what I do: I’m opening a Vaadin app in one browser tab. It doesn’t matter if the app is hosted on local machine or on GAE. The application is very simple, just three input fields and a table. I click on the fields and as expected the input prompt disappears on focus. All good.

Next I’m opening a new browser tab in which I’m loading a random web page. After it loads I’m going back to the Vaadin tab. It all looks the same.

But when I start clicking on the input fields it turns out that one of them (different one each time, it looks random) “inherits” the input prompt as a text value i.e. it doesn’t go away when it gets focus and I can modify it just like a normal text. Style of that field is not changed so everything I type is greyed out. Deleting field’s value and changing focus sometimes fixes the problem. Reloading the application fixes the field every time.

I assume it’s not a normal behaviour. Is that a known bug? Any ideas how to deal with it? Replacing them with tooltips is not an option as they are broken with popup components like PopupView or menus.


I wasn’t able to reproduce this with Chrome 19 and

Can you reproduce the problem at that site? And when you say Chromium, do you mean some beta of Chrome or some totally different software?

Yes, I can reproduce that on the demo page. One update: it’s always the last field that had a focus that is causing problems.

So for example if I focus on the password field and then go to different browser tab and come back to Vaadin app, it’s the password field that is having problems with input prompt.

And when I say Chromium I mean the open source and stripped-down version of Google Chrome, not necessarily a beta version. It must be browser specific as I can not reproduce it with Firefox.

Now I was also able to reproduce this both with Chromium 18.0.1025.151 and with Chrome 20.0.1132.21.
file a bug report
with instructions on how to reproduce this and a link to this thread.

OK bug report filled.