Initial white empty screen at webpage startup

I am suing Vaadin 6.5.7 and vaadin-chameleon-theme-1.1.0

The problem is that sometimes (kind of often) after wegpage startup i get a empty white scrren. if i resize a bit the browser window everything appears well.

What can i do??

The problem until now just have with firefox 5. With IE everything works.

any ideas?



I can confirm this issue with Vaadin 6.6.2 and the chameleon theme also. Seems to be some kind of issue with Firefox 5 loading and/or parsing the CSS too slowly, and Vaadin will think the CSS has not been properly loaded. Slower network connection seems to make the problem worse. The problem is also reproducible in
Chameleon theme demo

This may be fixable by restructuring the Chameleon theme css files. Please create a ticket to about this to the Vaadin trac.


Unrelated to the original question:

Just noticed, and I must point out, that the Vaadin symbol is a trademark owned by Vaadin Ltd. and you’re probably not allowed to use it.

The same goes for the Helvetica Rounded Bold font that you’re using (Cufon version). Vaadin Ltd. has bought a license to that font (but using it with Cufon is in the gray area I would say). Unless you have a license for that font, I suggest you stop using the Cufon version.

Sorry to be blunt.

i am sorry, i didn’t think about this, cos it is also just a totally private test, how to use vaadin.

i will change the layout tomorrow evening!

the page has no visitors until now

i solved the problem by myself (thanks to a vaadin member for the tip):

i am using now only one style file, which includes the content of all references css files. that mean i don’t have anymore all this different of css files, but only one without any @imports.

this solved the problem.

in the new vaadin version the chamelon theme will be included in vaadin, so beginning of the new version this problem will also not exists anymore.