Infinite scrolling tables in Scaladin?

I know there are various addons for doing things like this, but Scaladin seems to diverge so far from Vaadin in a number of areas that it isn’t clear how to, say, use the cool syntactic sugar of Scaladin containers and lazy-loading. I’m almost wondering if it’s worth continuing with Scaladin.

I want to support automatically scrolling tables and retrieving new rows when the user scrolls down a table. I’m using Salat and am trying to stick with immutable case classes, so no typical beans here.

At first, vaadin.scala.Table.refreshRowCache() looked promising. I have a table containing more rows than fits on screen, and tried overriding this in my table. Unfortunately, it looks like it is never called.

Learning Vaadin tells me to override refreshRenderedCells(). I do, but since it is protected in com.vaadin.ui.Table and I’m creating a vaadin.scala.Table, I can’t override this method.

Is there something I’m missing? I’m quickly approaching the point where the nice Scala syntax seems to be losing its luster amidst the large chunks of the Vaadin ecosystem I perceive I’m losing access to.