Infinite loop in a Grid with Vaadin 8.0.5

I’m experiencing an infinite loop in a Grid with Vaadin 8.
I was very hopeful when I saw that this issue was fixed in 8.0.5:
But I re-tested, and the infinite loop is still there.

I can only describe the symptoms, don’t know how to narrow down the cause. Would appreciate any comments to help with investigating this.

After entering the View containing the Grid, if I click anywhere in the Grid, it starts refreshing the whole page (not just the grid or the view), the blue progress bar at the top starts, the UI is refreshed, but the grid doesn’t display any data and even has some of the rows taller (or merged?), then the progress bar restarts and so on, rendering the UI completely unusable.
If I switch to the v7 compatibility Grid, there is no such issue.

BTW, I have Push enabled, because I need to refresh some data in a label in this view.

The ticket refers to very specific issue: if the size is greater than zero but there are no elements. This can apprently happen if you remove elements from the grid. Does that happen? Another potential problem could be if you use a custom dataprovider that has some internal problems. Which DataProvider do you use? Stepping through the program in a debugger can also help to pinpoint where the issue occur.