Incubator and Contrib

There has been an incubator directory for a while in out SVN repository:
. Currently there are already quite a few projects - some on idea level and some in somekind of “pre-beta” phase.

It turns out that it would be great to have also repository for more mature project that can already be useful to the community. Thus I created
directory. Here you can host your widgets, tools, containers and other pieces of code that might be helpful for the Toolkit community but are not part of the IT Mill Toolkit product distribution.

So the basic distriction is:

  • CONTRIB - These are meant to be used by others
  • INCUBATOR - These are not ready to be used (yet) by other than the developers themselves

If any of the projects/components in incubator want to move to contrib, please do so. If you need account/commit access to incubator or contrib, just ask!

That’s good news. This will make it considerably clearer to see which projects are mature enough for use and which are not.

Hopefully there are some projects that can be moved to contrib :slight_smile:

Is there any place the describes the incubator and contrib entries so we can understand what they are all about?

Like, what is PagingComponent attempting to do since paging tables are very commonly needed, but not sure how it would differ from Table.

And I’m going to look at TinyMCEEditor to see about using it as a basis for a CKEditor version, so would like to have some idea about it’s strengths/weaknesses before it’s used as a model.

Thanks much!

The descriptions are not currently in any centralized place. Most widgets do however have a forum post including a description and a link to a live demo, so try searching the forums.

The R&D-team is currently developing a so called Directory, a place where you can browse for widgets and read their descriptions. Directory is the centralized place we are currently missing. However, the Directory won’t be publicly available until March-April. If you wish to read up a bit about the Directory, check out the wiki brainstorming article about the subject (