In vaadin table ,how to escape html tags?

I get string as “ keyword ” from datbase ,

      I want to the "[color=#f71c1c]

[/color]" of font as red in table cell , what can I do???

       or other ways??

add a Generated column to the table that returns your html as a label with Label.CONTENT_XHTML

Thank you very much for your reply!

      The font color of the front of the issue is resolved! 

       but new problems. The format of the forms prior to use "white-space: normal" in styles.css, failure!



Only in the fixed width of the Label(Returned)?
     Ability to separate each column width set in the table?

Your css was applying the white space change to the cell. Now there is a label inside the cell so you will need to update the css to apply the new white space on the label content.
Use firebug or web inspector to see what the new css should be.