Importing SCSS Mixin in Linked Folder

Hey folks,

to streamline Themes in our Vaadin Development Environment we try to create a “Base” Theme. This theme will be added to a shared Folder-structure which exists and is synchronized for every Development Environment.
The question is as I’m not yet that fit with SASS: What would be the best way to import the Theme/Scss file in the Projects which link the Folder (in Eclipse)?

I already tried creating a scss file and then trying to import it in my Project’s style.scss but I’m having problems referencing it.
Imagine the scss in a folder-structure like:

sharedLibraries is in the workspace on the same level as the Project root folder.
I already tried just referencing the name of the scss, sharedLibraries/Styles/stylesheet.scss and also the direct path from the style.scss of my project to the shared scss using …/…/… and so on…
Everytime I’m getting “Can’t find mixin” (or something like that. Don’t know the exact error right now)

The best solution would be if the “User” of the shared Lib. doesn’t have to do anything to import the scss but i feel there is no way to do it.
Using an add-on Manifest doesn’t sound like it’ll work as i don’t have a jar but a normal folder and using css and @StyleSheet at every component in the shared Lib. and hoping the “User” uses at least one of them also doesn’t sound like a good solution.