import maven project to eclipse with full vaadin plugin support

I tried to import vaadin maven project into eclipse (netbeans are so slowly sometimes) and use Vaadin plugin, but this plugin doesn’t support maven projects. Is it possible to Vaadinize maven project, to be able to use all features of development in eclipse vaadin and gwt as JS debug, etc?
How do you develop maven projects in eclipse?
Thank you


The eclipse plugin (at least its previous versions) only work with WTP project structure :frowning:

Luckily, with maven projects I have found no use for the vaadin eclipse plugin. M2e, vaadin-maven-plugin (to update widgetsets) and gwt-maven-plugin (to do actual GWT compilation) should contain all required stuff.


As Matti said, usually you don’t need the Vaadin Eclipse plug-in when using Maven.

Most of the functionality of the Vaadin plug-in does indeed require the project to have the Dynamic Web Module facet (and for some operations also the Vaadin facet), but it is possible to add these facets to a Maven project if you have installed the Eclipse plug-in for m2e-WTP integration. You need to make sure you define the correct directory (src/main/webapp if I remember correctly) instead of WebContent when adding the facets, though.

Ok thank you

Thank you.