image is loaded only after refresh

hi Vaadiners

my problem is :
a background image couldn’t be loaded at the first time
when reloading the page it appears normally

note : the image is defined as ExternalResource, and it’s put in the webpagesVAADIN directory

any help ?

sorry , it’s not an ExternalResoerce
it’s like this :
canvas.drawImage(“VAADIN/compass.png”, 0, 0);

solves the problem, but i don’t know the reason of not loading it at first time

It seems you are using an add-on. Check if it has a bug tracker or a special forum post to contact the author.

I would help to know which add-on, in which version as well as what browser you are using.

If you can make a small demo application with the same problem it would make it easier for somebody to take a look and fix it quickly.