I'm sorry, but your browser is not supported - When using Vaadin 8 compatib

I have updated to Vaadin 8 and ran the migration tool so I can still use depricated Vaadin 7 packages.
When I run my application, in IE 10, I am getting the “unsupported browser” message.

Shouldn’t it not give this message while I am using compatibility packages?

Also, the message says to try Chrome frame, with a link, but that is no longer available from Google.


The Compatibility packages gives you access to some deprecated components that have been removed from Vaadin 8, but even with the compatibility package, you can still use all of Vaadin 8’s features and they’re intentionally not compatible with IE versions earlier than 11. If you need to support older browsers, you should stick with Vaadin 7.

That error message sounds like a bug, though.

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