I'm one of the best UI developers in the world

… at least that’s what an e-Mail from Jurka Rahikkala told me :bashful:

I just received this e-Mail and although I’m quite sure that it’s no spam (at least I hope, since my name is written there), I just better ask. Did anyone else receive something like this?

I’ll gladly speak to him about my project that goes on now for almost one year with vaadin to help you guys with your marketing analsis, so I’m excited to see what you will answer.

So I’m off now waiting for answers on my open vaadin forum questions and (as quoted from the e-Mail) am awesome beside :smiley:

Jurka contacted quite a few members from the community to learn about the projects done with Vaadin and to help us to developer so to that we could serve the developer community better. If you have time to speak with him, great - if not, do not worry - he has been quite busy with discussions lately (he is sitting next to me if our HQ :)).

Hi Manuel,

and many thanks for you and all the other community members who have replied to me, the number of replies has been
! I’ve been so busy with the replies recently that I’ve recruited some of my colleagues to help me with all this. So, please be kind with Tanja, Ville and Fredu, if you get a message from them :wink:

Once again, thank you very much, we’re looking forward to speaking with you and hear about your projects. Great to have this active community!

Best regards,



Here I wanna share UI/UX
Wireframe Designs
, Wireframes are designed with the motive to arrange elements in a best possible manner, each with a particular purpose.

Tangible Wireframe Designs
User Action Callouts
Details of High Fidelity
Digital Wireframes
App UI Sketching
Computer Wireframes
IxD Experience Map
Header Wireframing
User Flow
Lo-Fi Wireframing

Wireframing is considered a vital phase of app design or website design process. If not done in the beginning, wireframes have to be design and implement somewhere in between the design cycle.