IE9 compatibility mode for IE10 working on Windows 7 ?

Hi everyone,

We’ve recently discovered that Vaadin wasn’t working perfectly with IE10, so we’ve added the “X-UA-Compatible” meta tag according to :

After installing IE10 on my computer (Windows 7), I still find the same problems and by activating the debug window on IE10, I see the “compatibility button” is still pointing to IE10 instead of IE9.
I remember using when IE9 came out and it worked flawlessly.

Although it might be an IE problem, I think it still concerns Vaadin users since IE10 just came out on Windows 7 recently so it may affect a growing number of people. Or am I the only one having this trouble ? Can someone confirm the “X-UA-Compatible” meta tag works fine on Windows 7 ?


FYI, I’ve tried with :


=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=9; chrome=1” />

It seems to work this time, although the “browser mode” still points to “IE10”, the “document mode” points to “IE9”. But the portlet works fine and it’s the most important obviously.

I don’t know if it’s worth updating Ticket #9462, it would be nice if someone else could confirm the problem on Windows 7, and also if the solution above works for them too. And finally if someone could confirm the solution above doesn’t break the previous fix on Windows 8 (I don’t have Windows 8 to test)