IE8 Crash on custom Paging with Vaadin 7

i’ve created an appliation with an custom Gridview component which uses horizontal and vertical layouts to create a grid look and feel. I know it’s an GridLayout out there but i couldn’t align the cell heights to each other if they have different sizes. However the component in the cells consist of a CssLayout which includes 2 images (Avatar and Favorite icon) and a label which displays the name and everything else as html. The Gridview also generates a pagingbar at the bottom if a row limit is set.

The problem now is that IE8 crashes when i switch the page and the cell don’t have enough space to display all of it’s content. Firefox and Chrome works like a charm. Only IE8 crashes at this point. I think this is a problem / bug of the vaadin framework in combination with IE8. I would like to submit a short code snipet but the project is to huge. We could make an appointment to review the problem remotely if you would like to see it live.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Wild André

Images Attached:

- Paging works as it should

- Paging won’t work and IE8 will crash

- IE8 crashes on paging

- Paging works because it’s width is huge enough