IE11 Problem

I have created a simple view with a VerticalLayout and 2 Text Fields.
In Chrome these Text Feidls are shown in a shadowroot but in IE I can only see the Labels, not the Texfields itself.
In IE11 I get the following error, but I am not calling initLacy somewhere.
So I guess this is coming from Vaadin?
(TypeError) : Unable to get property ‘initLazy’ of undefined or null reference

I have attached the debug of the error.

Can someone tell my why IE11 is not working with simple Text Fields?
We are planning to discontinue IE11 but also shoing a notification is not working.
Seems like the TypeError will cause the page to stop loading.

P.s. Vaadin 14.3 + pnpm enabled.
and build with:


If you have a javascript error then the page will break. I think it’s not related to the TextField. The error seems to be related to the Select component.

I tried to reproduce the error but a sample application seems working.
Perhaps you have a sample to reproduce the error?
Is it an error after an upgrade?
Are you running the application in production mode or development mode?