IE10 Metro not supporting plugins?

According to
IE10 (and thus Windows 8) will not be supporting plugins any more when run with Metro UI. If Microsoft really sticks to this, the implications are huge: this could mean the end of Flex and SilverLight as platforms for building rich web UI:s. Just look at the comments from Silverlight developers on the above blog post…

How do you read this news? Now when these “platforms are burning”, do you see any possibilities for better attracting developers from these technologies to Vaadin community?

I think it would be an awesome demo; to show a Vaadin application running on say a win8 tablet. The phrase ‘it just works’ springs to mind, but might not be appropriate…

The demo could be done at big events, where Vaadin is presented anyway (hint, hint :wink: ) to get maximum publicity: ‘Hey, did you see the Vaadin demo? They were running natively on IE10, without plugins!’. This could be a huge opportunity to convince developers to try Vaadin out for the first time.