IE10 Browser Zoom results in "Aborting layout after 100 passes."

We’re using Vaadin 7.1.5. If our application is run in IE9 or IE10 and we zoom in, there are certain zoom levels where some of our views can not be layouted. I.e., the layout manager runs into an infinite loop (“Aborting layout after 100 passes. This would probably be an infinite loop.”).

I already tried to update the Vaadin version to 7.1.10, but the problem still occurs. We don’t have similar problems with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or IE11.

I wasn’t able yet to create a (simple) demo application showing the problem. Does somebody of you have an idea, what the problem could be or how to narrow down the cause of the problem?
I tried to start the application in GWT dev mode, but didn’t manage to do so. Is it at all possible to debug the client side code with IE10?

I created an issue for the problem:

Edit: Ah, ignore me, realized there’s more information in the ticket.

Hi, sounds strange. My best guess is that some fractional size ends up rounded alternately up and down, causing the layouting to never converge.

This may be a long shot, but have you tried the “analyze layouts” functionality in the Vaadin debug window to see if there are potential problems?

Yes, I checked that but there are no layout problems reported.