IE Crashing using BrowserFrame and IBM Image Viewer


We are using Vaadin Vertical Frame with Browser Frame. Browser Frame connects to IBM Image Viewer URL, which loads applets into the browser. In some of the client’s IE, when they open the page with above, suddenly IE closes. This behaviour is not same across. Please guide us in identifying and fixing this issue.

Following is the code snippet.

private BrowserFrame viewer = new BrowserFrame();

private void populateImage(String docId, boolean caseinqwoimg, boolean printInd) {
String url = “”;
if (caseinqwoimg) {
url = “JSP/withoutImageError.jsp”;
} else {
if (docId != null && !docId.isEmpty()) {
GlpCommonUtil objGlpCommonUtil = new GlpCommonUtil();
UserProf userProf = userContext.get(UserProf.class,;
String userName = userProf.getUsr1BankID().toUpperCase();
//url = objGlpCommonUtil.loadSecuredUniversalViewer(config, docId,config.getProperty(“”), false, false,true, false, userName);
String fileNetConstructString = config.getProperty(“”)+“&vsId=current&id=”+docId+“&ProjectCode=EVH”;
url = GlpCommonUtil.getFilenetURL(fileNetConstructString);
} else {
url = “JSP/docIdError.jsp”;
}“EvhFileUploadViewImpl:populateImage()::Universal View URL :: EVH::”+url);
viewer.setSource(new ExternalResource(url));
onPageLoad = false;
}"Filenet URL :: " + url);


Can anyone please help on this issue. This is delaying production rollout. thanks…

I’d suspect this might have to do with different Java plugin versions. See for instance here: