IE 9 max limit of 4095 selectors


IE 9 has a maximum limit of 4095 selectors.
I created an own theme based on the reindeer theme:

@import “…/reindeer/reindeer.scss”;
@import “mystyle_tabsheet.scss”;
@import “mystyle_table.scss”;

@mixin mystyle{
@include reindeer;
@include mystyle_tabsheet;
@include mystyle_table;

[/code]Now the problem is that the generated css file is too large and the IE 9 does not apply all styles.
Any ideas how to solve that problem?
Can I split the generated css file into multiple files? respectivly, HOW can I split it automatically?


I created
ticket #14862
about the issue.

As a workaround, some suitable CSS splitting tool such as [utl=]
[/url] can be used on the generated styles.css .

You could also push for use of a