IE 11 AbstractJavaScriptComponent problem


I have an application that uses AbstractJavaScriptComponent to create client side components. These components utilize jQuery in addition to my own javascript, hence there are multiple files to load.

My components work just fine with Chrome, Firefox but with IE11 only the first file declared in @com.vaadin.annotations.JavaScript is loaded. I’ve checked that the right files are requested and received with HTTP status code 200. I’ve also placed console.log messages at the beginning and at the end of the files and I can see both messages in developer console (but only from the first file!). Neveretheless nothing else gets executed in that file, for example the init function. There are no error messages in IE’s developer console eather. If I change IE’s document mode to “10” instead of “edge”, everything works just fine.

Is this a known bug and is there any workarounds to this problem?

Issue got fixed by updating to Vaadin version 7.2.6.