icon within designer

I have a button with an icon on it - woks fine at runtime.

But I can´t see the icon within the designer.
Is it posssible do get this done ?


This depends on what kind of Resources you’re using and how… In the designer you can enter http:// or theme:// URLs which will be translated to ExternalResource and ThemeResource respectively. Other types of Resources are most likely not displayed in the designer at the moment. Also note that the ThemeResource can’t currently be from your own theme, but needs to be from the Reindeer theme that the designer is running. Yes, quite limited at the moment.

It’s worth noting, as you also noticed, that any type of Resource will still work when the application is run - they just don’t appear in the designer (still annoying, though).

Also, if you set the icon in custom code that is not run in the design view (i.e not @AutoGenerated), then that will obviously not show up in the designer.

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That´s what I tried. An icon within my own theme.


Yeah, sorry, won’t work :frowning:
Yet, that is…

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