Icon and Caption of field... AGAIN


First-time poster, short-term lurker here.

Okay, I’ve searched the forum and found some ideas on this but haven’t got anything that works.

What I want is basic: the ability to note that certain fields are “required” by putting a red asterisk next to the field name (the caption). So on my fields I want the icon to the right of the caption. NOT to the right of the field itself (the “float: right” solution). If my field is long, that looks horrible.

So is this possible via CSS (or anyway)? I’ve seen someone call out the ‘rtl’ solution but I couldn’t get that to work.

The image I attached shows some fields, one with the ‘float: right’ solution. I just want the red star directly after the text of the caption.

Thanks in advance,



sorry if I misunderstood something but isn’t what you want the same as the default location of the required indicator? See for example the
relevant sample


Oh Lord.

Thank you.

So, here’s what happens when you come in late to a project. WHOLE bunch of code was written by another guy and he, obviously just missed that property. And I just followed his pattern.

Thanks for pointing to the example and helping us through our idiocy. I’d like to say that we’re not normally this dumb, but I’ve currently got no evidence to show it. ;->