ICEPush servlet mapping is killing me

Maybe I do not get this right, but here’s the thing:

I implemented a vaadin app as a portlet, it works just fine. At some point I needed ICEPush to perform IPC stuff for me. It’s also working fine.

But, in my vaadin application, I happen to have a CSS file, specific to this portlet:


Unfortunately, the ICEPushServlet doesn’t seem to play well with it. It’s trying to reach the application, but can’t since the ICEPushServlet is in front of everything (/*), and it doesn’t know what the hell is the
of MY_APP.

I don’t know if I’m clear enough, but is there a way around this?

P.S. off course I >
< move my styles elsewhere, in our theme, but I’d like to figure it out.

Thank you.