ICEPush and ServerPush does not work from iPad

I have tried the ICEPush and ServerPush. And both work as expected on browsers running on Mac OSX. Even Safari on Mac OSX is fine for both cases.

But…when I access the same URL from Safari from iPad the long-polling requests just gets stuck for 20-30 seconds. I have iPad 2.

Can anybody suggest some options and how to find the resolution and root cause of this issue?


The root cause is you are using the wrong “push solution” :slight_smile: Go on with DontPush OzoneLayer.

E.g. This demo works with ipad but is by no means optimized for ipad UI:

The game may feel bit sluggish due to extremely cheap (micro ec2 free tier) hosting.

Here is my blog post that discusses various “push solutions” available for Vaadin:


ICEPush does work on iOS Safari, at least with Tomcat 6 as the server. But Matti is right, the path ahead lies elsewhere.