ice-push with mutliple tabs on browser

In my application , i wish to support multiple tabs opened in the browser & for doing that we override the getWindow(String name) to have the desired behavior

In such cases where have multiple windows ( by having same application opened in different tabs) do we need to have a pusher per window instance created ?

Can we support this using ICE Push ,
I need to support multiple tabs opened in same browser , which will use the same application in that case.

Is it possible to update multiple windows to the same application (which are opened in different tabs in same browser) using ICEPush ?
or this is not supported at all & not possible ?


I’m making a web application where i would like to have a graph view of my database which is Neo4j(it’s a noSQL database)
i that that you made an application which used the addon’,s with Cytoscape.
Could your telle me more, about your implementation?
thanks a lot