I want to represent a custom booking class within a Calendar type component

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Vaadin and development in general, currently finsining my third year on an OU software development course. My project is based in Vaadin and all has gone really well so far but I’m struggling in deciding how to represent my custom “Bookings” business class within the GUI. I really wanted to use a calendar type implementation but the component is very different from what I imagine it being.

I basically just want to use the Calendar to display the “bookings” objects that exist, since these objects represent bookings made for the business. However, from the documentation it doesn’t seem like I can use a container of “bookings” objects as I could for a table. It requires events. I’m now considering displaying the data as a table as I think this would be a much easier representation, where I can diplay more relevant data and give functionality more specific to what I require.

I really just want a basic calender component that displays dates in month format, where I can add my own view, edit, delete, add new functionality for “bookings” objects.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is my first web app so simplicity is also preferred.

Thanks all