I started hate Vaadin.com for constant aggressive spam!

Guys, this is gets serious.
Your website is sending information that I do not need to know, never asked for and never subscribed.
Nevertheless, I still continue getting crap from “Minna Honti” or whatever the name is, with the link below the message, like “If you wish to unsubscribe, do it here”. Doing it “there” leads me either to 404 or bounced e-mail.

Contacting other members to stop that madness about 1400 EUR training that I never need in my lifetime does not help.
Question is: when this nonsense will be finally stopped? Really, I refuse to stand that for the entire a year and I would like to keep being community member. But please stop bombing my inbox with useless proposals that I can safely ignore them here. :frowning:

Very-very-very upset Vaadin user

Hi Bo,

Sorry you are getting emails which you do not want. There is a setting in “My Account” → “Email Alerts” where you can select what kind of emails you want to receive or click “Don’t send me any e-mails” to not receive any emails.

Hi Bo,

Thank you for you concern, posting and shout-out - sorry about the inconvenience, however these messages are our information about our trainings, and they contains instructons how to control your account.

The text is “This email was sent to you as a Vaadin community member. Manage your email subscriptions at vaadin.com/account” and you can find with-in the e-mail.

In case you have any questions, comments or other concerns, please contact by my e-mail firstname @ vaadin. com
(ps. I’m super good looking too :wink:

Hi Bo,

I happened on this post, and I must say that does not sound goo at all :frowning:

Can you please send me (here or otherwise) some example/examples of the mails/unsubscribe info that is not working?

I’m not actually in charge of any of the mailing, but I too hate to get information I don not want, and I’ll do my best to figure out what is broken and who can fix it! Unsubscribe information should be clear, and certainly not 404.

Best Regards,

Very-very-very concerned Product Manager


I did that and I continue receiving massives emails.

I think something is somehow harvesting email addresses from somewhere. I have an email alias set up that I’ve only used to register on this site, however, over the course of the last couple of weeks I’ve started getting spam as well as suspicious looking attachments. For me, it does not seem to be originating from Vaadin directly

Sounds serious. And you are sure you haven’t used the same alias anywhere else? We will surely take a look at this.

Just to state obvious, we are not sharing the email addresses with anyone.

As Sami said, we’ll research this.

Yes I’m sure I haven’t used it anywhere else. I got in the habit of creating a unique email alias for every site that I have a registration with, so that if it somehow starts receiving unwanted email, I can just delete that alias and create a new email alias to associate with the account (I think I have about 150 so far ;))

Hi Aaron,

could you send me the emails in private that you have received to that address? My email address is fredu@vaadin.com

As said above: We don’t share your account with anyone and all emails you receive from us are either Newsletter, Security updates or Community Notifications (e.g. the Training locations are classified as community updates). From which you can unsubscribe underneath

But if you could forward me / send me a list of emails you have received, I’ll look through them as Priority 1.


I think we solved the mystery for you Aaron: You have originally registered and used your previous Pro Account with your @gmail address and then changed it to your hush address later. By accident in our script we’ve stored your old one as well. We’ve also fixed the script thanks to you noticing this so a humble thank you for this! Our fault!

I just opted out your @gmail address so it shouldn’t receive emails from us anymore. Glad to see however that it wasn’t more complicated than this.

As for spam from other people: the access to vaadin.com is limited to just a few people in my team so I find it highly unlikely it would have leaked anywhere, but still please let me know if you find any suspicious – my email address above is the direct channel.


Sorry for the delay, I’ve sent you a private email. I appreciate the quick investigation