i have one dude

hi guys, everything is alright?

good i have one dude xD

i have two panels, one in top and other in bot

in the panel top i have three buttons, save, authorize and search, and I want to add functionality to my buttons

but my problem is that for example the button “save” is in my panel top

but my textfields are in my panel bot

how get the values???

i have the panel top and panel bot in separate classes and the two panels contain one VerticalLayout and each Vertical contain the buttons and the respectively how explain

well guys somebody have one idea??

i have one idea, if pass for parameter the panel bot in panel top? i go try this

anyway i wait for all request :slight_smile:

You could for example make your bottom panel implement ClickListener, and pass that to your top panel and its buttons. That way your top panel only sees the ClickListener interface and can’t accidentally modify anything it shouldn’t in the bottom panel. Listeners are usually a better way to go than direct component references in these kinds of situations.

ok anna i try :slight_smile: thank you