I dream of... MFilterTable

Hi guys,

Did anybody make a try working with Viritin lightweight containers (LazyList, ListContainer…) and FilterTable addon ?
I’m currently looking at alternatives to my JPAContainer / FilterTable that’s having hard time with big table handlings.

I’m dreaming of an MFilterTable that join filtering ease with efficient container.

Any hint or clue …?


Ok, my bad, I had to dig deeper in Viritin. I can see SortableLazyList and FilterableListContainer, probably a good starting point.

But if somebody has any other clue, do not hesitate :wink:


I think I looked into this for a short period once, but the FilterTable had its filtering quite tightly bolted with the Container API, so I decided to do something more productive. With Grid you can add arbitrary components to header cells, so that could be a better starting point for this use case.