Huge spacing between items in vaadin-combo-box Polymer component

Hi – After a clean build, I pulled in vaadin-combo-box v1.1.5 with Polymer 1.7.1. All the items in the
inside the
now have a huge spacing between each. I can’t see what is causing that, except to say that if I use the Chrome dev tools to eliminate the
transform: translate3d(…)
on each item, correct spacing is restored.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Any help greatly appreciated!

I just hacked in a “fix” FWIW to restore proper spacing.

I added this to my CSS:

body /deep/ iron-list .item { margin-bottom: -42px }

Of course, this is a horrible hack!

Hi Mark,

I haven’t noticed anything similar. Could you create a jsbin/jsfiddle/other that reproduces the issue?

It sounds like iron-list is computing the height of your items incorrectly. Do you have some other custom CSS that targets the items? Could the item texts be wrapping on multiple lines initially, causing the measuring to get messed up?