HTTP request in client returns status code 0

I’m trying to convert one of my GWT widgets to a Vaadin addon, and it is failing because the http response from requestBuilder invoked get is returning status code 0. My widget is a GWT SuggestBox, which is setup with a URL of an external Solr search webapp, and is supposed to run an async search as you type. The HTTP request goes through to the Solr seach webapp, which returns a 200. But in the callback onResponseReceived the status code is zero.

Is the GWT requestBuilder API available in a Vaadin addon? If so, why would it return a status code of 0, and have empty text and header fields, when the request was handled normally by the server?

You can use GWT modules in your application. You should just create a widgetset.xml file (created automatically if you create a new Vaadin widget with Eclipse wizard) and include the module dependency there.

What you are saying about the return values, can this be the same-origin-policy problem? Don’t know too much about requestBuilder, but this rule may apply if it is not based on JSONP.

I don’t think it’s the same origin policy, as the request goes through to the server which replies with the correct response. I would assume if it were same origin issue the request wouldn’t go through at all.

requestBuilder allows raw AJAX requests in GWT so I can go out to a webservice (on the same server to placate SOP) and process returned xml asynchronously. I have given up on this approach, and simply relaying the xml through the server-side vaadin widget.