html to vaadin for faster coding

hello , our company is renting graphics designers who designs html sites on dreamweaver.
There is some problems.Converting graphics designers code into vaadin is insanely crazy.
Thats why we maybe migrate to JSF because its more easy.

Why you dont make MVC friendly design system?
So graphics designers and coders works together more easy.

We are using Intellij IDE.
You have done visual designer for eclipse but eclipse really sucks much against intellij.
I dont know why no visual designer for graphics designers.

Like ; Java Swing designer.

There needs to be solution for converting html to vaadin

Use vaadin customlayout and do your design with dreamweaver or whatever. vaadin is no html designkit.

In fact Vaadin lends itself very easily to MVC and MVP designs. But ( i think ) the philosophy of the Vaadin team was not to make the Vaadin framework limit you to a single design pattern. Look in the Directory for all the add-ons that give you the convenience of MVP or MVC frameworks.

But I suspect your use of the term MVC is a not quite what it should be, MVC does not equate Visual Designer.

I don’t think converting HTML to Vaadin is feasible…