Html Page -> Vaadin Page Link


I have a vaadin app that contains a login page where I enter my username to login. All is fine with this part of the app, but now I have another static html page that contains an input box and button. I would like to be able to login to my vaadin page from this static html page, is there any functionality or tips anyone could give on how this might be achieved?

I am not in a position to incorporate the static html page into the vaadin project.

thanks a lot for any help.

I’m not understanding your question. Are you asking how to get a static web page to a user, or how you can use that static web page to log someone in (e.g. through a j_security_check action on a login form)?

If the former, it’s simple to
create a servlet mapping that points to a specific static file

If the latter, you might want to do a little
background reading about Java EE security to see if that helps

I’m sure we can answer your question, but I don’t think there’s enough information here to know exactly what the question is.