HTML embedding several applications vaadin scrolls when starting the applic


In this test we are using Vaadin 7.7.13.
The Vaadin application does not have any components, so it should not require focus.

I have created a html containing 4 iframes that call the same Vaadin application. Except for the first one that has “src” set to null.

Among the iframes I have put some components in html to make the vertical page bigger.

In addition, to verify with a second test a button is placed at the bottom that what it does is change the “src” of the first iframe to the url of the Vaadin application.

When starting the HTML page and making the calls to the iframes, the “vertical scroll” of the browser scrolls.

Also if we scroll to the end of the page and press the button, the scroll goes up to the first “iframe”.

Is there some kind of workaround for Vaadin 7 applications not requiring focus at startup? As of Vaadin 10 this problem does not occur.

Thanks a lot.