how vaadin runs simple java files as a web application

Mine confusion is that how java files are displayed as web application. Its difficult for me to understand without any jsp or html file directly vaadin is running
to web browser.
Any help will be great…


.java files are never displayed as part of the web application; they are source code, that compiles to object code, that - indirectly, along with the Vaadin framework - generates HTML that is displayed by the browser.

In short, it is a totally different approach to “web sites” and jsp[1]

Vaadin is mostly targeted at web applications, and has rather more in common with writing Java SWING applications than writing HTML/JSP files.

Have you
followed the tutorial

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Technically, the same sort of process happens behind the scenes with JSP files, but that’s really quite complex to explain - let’s not go there!

Vaadin runs standard Java Servlets. Java code is executed on the server to produce the HTML – this is what servlets are all about. This is why people call these “dynamic” web sites, there is code running on the server to create the HTML. JSPs are an extension to servlets that take your page and creates the executable Java code behind the scenes.

If you feel the need, read through any of the Java Servlets tutorials that float around the net. But the Vaadin tutorial itself should suffice unless you really need to understand deep down.


I have read the tutorial and have made that “Contact Book application” and find Vaadin very useful.

Thanks for sharing the information… :grin: