How turn off keyboard input in a ComboBox?


How to turn off keyboard input in a
ComboBox like in this example
, in order to let users just click on a read-only properties and select them
(just like an ordinary selection item everywhere else)

There’s a ready made style for just that in the
Chameleon Theme
(click “Selects” from the sidebar and the last example there).

To see how it’s made, look here:

Doing the same in Reindeer involves some more selector and property overrides, but the principal is the same: stretch the drop down arrow button to cover up the whole input (using absolute positioning).

Would use of
be out of question?

OK, I got it: So it just works as designed. :slight_smile:

But hey, native is… ugly! Especially on Windows. Vaadin’s one is definitely great (that right round corner is very nice). But definitely the widget
have an option to be non-input’able.

Aha! Many thanks, Jouni. It probably means that the right answer to this issue actually is here:

No problem. And you’re right, that’s a valid feature request, thanks for the ticket.