How to use Vaadin Charts in an Maven/Java/Vaadin Projekt


i wrote mit first java only vaadin application. After this i now want to improve the visual side from my dataset by using vaadin charts. The problem is i cant get it work. Iam using Vaadin 8 latest version.

I add this to my pom File:



In addition i installed the vaadin plugin to compile the widgetset for eclispe. But this does not work.

But this does not work.

What exactly does not work? Do you get any error messages?

Sorry for the latency but i solved it today. The failure was that the pom couldn`t resolve the Version of the vaadin-maven-plugin. I looks like this:


I switched the version to a “fix” one and it works:


After this i had to switch the way i use the test licence from the integration as parameter in eclipse like here described:

to a licence file in my home directory. After this i could compile the widgetset and get the charts work.

Have a nice day =)