How to use TreeMap to store Data from Database table and how to retrive it

Hey friends
How to put database column value for particular “User”…I am Using 3 table to get data.
example like user = “tony” his User name , login , Address ,and language from another 2 table
My this code is to show parent and his child in treetable.
help me to rewrite it by Treemap or any other method. to look like Standard coding way.

thank you


public static ResultSet getinfo() throws Exception
Statement requete = MySQL.creeRequete();

	String request = "select * from personne,parent,enfant where personne.login=enfant.parent";
	final ResultSet resultat = requete.executeQuery(request);
	return resultat;



public class usermanagement extends horizontallayout {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	protected static final String NAME_PROPERTY = "Prenom";
    protected static final String Nom_PROPERTY = "Nom";
    protected static final String Country_PROPERTY = "Country";
    protected static final String Gender_PROPERTY = "Gender";
    protected final TreeTable treetable;

	public usermanagement(String Titre, Main slice) throws Exception {
		super("User Managment", slice, false);
        // Create the treetable
        treetable = new TreeTable();

        // Add Table columns
        treetable.addContainerProperty(NAME_PROPERTY, String.class, "");
        treetable.addContainerProperty(Nom_PROPERTY, String.class, "");
        treetable.addContainerProperty(Country_PROPERTY, String.class, "");

        final ResultSet resultat =MySQL.getinfo();
       final String[] str=new String[20]


		int i=1;

// Here i want to use Treemap Store data to show Parent and his Child in Treetable

        try {
			while (
				// Populate table
       Object parent = treetable.addItem(new Object[] { resultat.getString("personne.login"),resultat.getString("personne.nom"),null,resultat.getString("langue") }, null);
       Object child = treetable.addItem(new Object[] {resultat.getString("enfant.login"),resultat.getString("personne.nom"),resultat.getString("enfant.genre"),resultat.getString("langue") }, null);
      String st=parent.toString();
        // Set hierarchy
        treetable.setParent(child, parent);
        // Expand all
      treetable.setCollapsed(parent, true);
      final Action ACTION_Delete = new Action("Delete");
      final Action[] ACTIONS = new Action[]

{ ACTION_Delete};

      // Actions (a.k.a context menu)
      treetable.addActionHandler(new Action.Handler() {
      public Action[] getActions(Object target, Object sender) {
        return ACTIONS;

      public void handleAction(Action action, Object sender, Object target) {
    	   { treetable.removeItem(target);
         //  for(int k=1;k<=str.length;k++)


        //Do something when the user chooses a item from the popup menu.
			catch (Exception e) {
				System.out.println("pas d'enfants pour " );