How to use jquery templates in vaadin

I am searching for the solution how to define jquery template in a Vaadin component to be called by Javascripts.

I have several js-Files that calls the templates as this:

    template: function() {
        return _.template( $("#template").html() )({data: this});

And as I wrote other js based code before I have a renderer implementing a AbstractJavaScriptComponent with the corresponding JavaScript and Stylesheet annotations, a state class implementing JavaScriptComponentState and adding the implemented AbstractJavaScriptComponent into a VerticalLayout as I did before with other examples of AbstractJavaScriptComponent implementations.

As guidance how to create a jquery template I used:

<script type="text/x-jquery-tmpl" id="template">

Creating it with d3 within the div-Element of the VerticalLayout.

But after finishing the complete javaScript component the process ends within the endloss loop of the vaadinPush.js:

                    ax.onmessage = function(aP) {

So I believe that my solution of using the jquery templates is erroneous and that they won´t be used.

And therefore I hope to find some hint from you in this forum.