How to use custome created chameleon theme with theme editor

i m using

  • Vaadin 6.8.1

I know this jar shiped with chameleon theme. But i want to use it in green color scheme.
I want to know that how can i change the color scheme of the theme if i use it from vaadin 6.8.1.jar lib ?
I also edit this theme from vaadin site with theme editor and download the jar file but did not know that how to use this jar in project.

So please tell how can i do this i.e
how to change the built in jar chameleon or how to use external chameleon theme jar file downloaded from theme editor ?

Advance thanks

I find out the soloution by myself exploring and experimenting with vaadin.

For others who did not Know
Follow me

1- Go to this address

2- Make your favourite chameleon color theme and download the Jar file from left bottom cornor ,the second button
3- Now Extract the jar file from rar into the Yourworkspace\YourProject\WebContent\WEB-INF\lib folder with Vaadin jar.
4- In init method use
this.setTheme("here you should give name of your newly created theme in mine case it was

5- Recompile your project and it isdone …now use whatever the style of chameleon and it will be in your desire color
Thanks -_-

It is very useful question and answer. Thank you.-_-