How to upload local files into a remote server/filesystem ?


I am trying to upload a multiple/single files from my local to any remote server/filesystem,I am able to upload files from my local desktop into remote server/filesystem if my application/project running/hosted in local tomcat(Desktop tomcat) but
i am facing issue while uploading the files from local to remote server/filesystem if my application is running/hosted in another remote server’s tomcat.

I don’t know how to upload a files from local desktop into remote server if application running/hosted in any other remote server’s tomcat, I guess i need to use any add on for this ?

I am working on vaadin 6 and using upload button for this process.

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance!!


There should actually be no difference between the tomcat being on your local computer or a remote computer when it comes to uploading files.
What kind of issues are you facing?

Thanks for the reply Marius.

Actually i don’t know how to upload files from local to server if application is hosted/running from any other remote server.

when i am hosting application in my local server then i am able to fetch files because it is existing in my local but when i hosted application in remote server then how can i get files from my local into server because the path of files is my local not in the webserver where application is hosted.

So i guess firstly i need to upload the files from my local to web server where my application has been hosted then from web server i can upload files into any other remote server right

Please suggest.

The normal way to upload a file a file from a local system to a web server/Vaadin application would be using the Vaadin Upload component. This way the user can upload file how he/she wants to. This doesn’t seem to be what you want to do though.
When the file is on the web server you can then send the file to any other IP using HTTP, FTP, …

Thanks Marius for the reply…we have done with ftp.