How to synchronize the thread in vaadin for different user

Hi all,

     In my vaadin application , i have a class with thread as a inner class.  The enclosed class is a panel.If i  create six objects of that enlcosing class , there will be 
     six panel in my home page.Each are having seperate threads because that enclosing class as a inner thread class.
     I changed the panel color  according to the database table data . Selected panel is in green color .Other panels are in red color.
     For example if one user selects first panel then it will be shown to another user  by changing the color of the panel to green .So both user have one green panel and all 
     other panels are in red color.If again one user selects any other panel it will be changed to green color. For every selection in the panel , i put one record in the database                         table.I delete the record when user logged out from the application and the panel color should be red.
     The  problem is  that if any of the user is logged out from the application the panel color does not change . But i checked all the threads whether it is running or not.
     It is in  running state. But the color didn't change.Actually i used the refresher for immediate changing to the user.
    I synchronize the thread run method by using synchronized keyword. But it doesn't work well.

Please give some solution.

Thank you.

Please redesign your application. If I understood correctly you are creating Java threads one for each of the Panel instances. So six separate threads for each of the user. What are you trying to do in the separate threads.

Hi sir ,

       Actually One java thread class.If i create six instance for that thread class ,there will be six threads running for six panel instance.
       The  fault is mine.I didn't initialize an  int array in the loop. This was the problem which means this was not a  vaadin problem.

Thank you sir for your quick reply.