How to synchronize table views for several users

is there any example like this:
with a table or treeview, which several users can edit on different clients.

User A edits cell B1 => User B edits cell C2
User C get all changes in the table view.
Every user (A,B,C) got the same view at the end.

Greeting from Germany,

Here is my solution using JPAContainer and Broadcast:

private TextField currentTextField = null;
private JPAContainer<AbstractA> jpaContainer;

public void receiveBroadcast(Object change) {
	if (currentTextField == null) {
	} else {
		currentTextField = null;
		TextField textField = (TextField) super.createField(container, itemId, propertyId, uiContext);
		textField.addBlurListener(new FieldEvents.BlurListener() {
			public void blur(FieldEvents.BlurEvent event) {
				currentTextField = textField;

Broadcasting refer:
Changed parameter from String to Object.
public void receiveBroadcast(final Object change) {
if (change instanceof Long) {
} else {

After leaving the table cell, all other clients will see change.

Is there any solution for highlighting a table cell for one second?