How to switch content view of a TabSheet?

I have a TabSheet which has multiple tabs. In some of the tabs I want to be able to quickly switch to a new Layout and switch back to the original content inside a given tab. For instance, TabB will initially contain a VerticalLayout containing a Table. When the user clicks a Button (part of the same VerticalLayout) I want to switch TabB to show a new Layout. When the user clicks “Close” on that new Layout I want to go back to the original VeriticalLayout/Table.

I don’t want to use any popup window/screen or floating window.

What’s the basic technique I should use?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Mike!
I think you should use the TabSheet’s replaceComponent(oldLayout, newLayout) method to switch the content. The oldLayout should be what you set with the addTab methode previously. Good luck!
P.s: excuse my english and for the short answer but i’m from my cell phone