How to subscribe to a thread


not sure if it’s me, but I don’t see the option to subscribe to threads. I did it with the category, but not threads.
May someone please help me with this?

Hello Jason!

Technically its possible to add subscription support for threads aswell and I’ll put this on my todo-list. The problem is actually that the default permissions don’t allow subscription so everytime a thread is created the creator (or an admin) would have to change the permissions. Obviously i’ll be looking into how the default settings can be modified but the forum software has shown itself to be rather stubborn with things like this at times :).

Thanks for your feedback!


ps. The amount of discussion here isn’t so large yet so you might survive subscribing the whole category in the meantime :slight_smile:

Hey Henry

Thanks for your answer! Yep I was trying to figure out a way to subscribe to the threads.
Hopefully this will get addressed since I’m sure Vaadin’s user base will grow in the future.

Thanks again